I want to have people walking around the garage performing tasks, like collecting resources and building things. The player won’t have direct control of these people, but will be able to influence their priorities. I’ll need pathfinding and way to manage where things are on the screen. I’ve added nGraph to solve this which I find has a simple API that Just Works™. This also required a refactor to the drawing system so nodes could be drawn indepently from one another.

I implemented buying parts and, upon purchasing, the Orders screen is populated with the expected delivery and it’s arrival time. When the arrival time reaches zero, the parts ordered appear in the drop-off zone. The first idea of currency is implemented and the buy button is disabled when funds are not sufficient. Additionally, should a player cancel an incoming delivery, they’ll be refunded only 75% of it’s original cost.

I hit an issue in pixi.js where a single PIXI.Graphics I was drawing to was displaying the wrong color after a call to beginFill. The issue was sporadic and I was unable to isolate it outside of my code in an Minimum Working Example. The workaround was to split the draws up between PIXI.Graphics.

Play garage v0.4