Start Stop Continue is a retrospective format used by teams that are looking to improve the way they operate and I’ve added a new activity to Digital Icebreakers with the same name. Some time ago I had a branch where I was extending the Idea Wall activity to have swim lanes for each category but it got super annoying attempting to squish the idea notes into the lanes at different Presenter resolutions.

The latest attempt at Start Stop Continue implementation is much simplier: Players use a similar idea entry format as Idea Wall but their submission buttons are split into Start, Stop and Continue. The presenter just displays the already categorised cards under the headings of Start, Stop and Continue using a Grid. Clear and Export menu items are available. This approach took only about an hour as opposed to the prior attempt.

As part of this PR I also switched out the explicit C# game constructor calls for a dynamic reflection approach. This is the first step towards supporting activities as plugins. | Source