Fist of Five is a great way to get a quick feeling on an issue amongst your team or to start off a continuous improvement catchup like a Sprint Retrospective. I’ve used this technique a few times with different teams and thought it’d be an easy addition to Digital Icebreakers.

In my implementation the presenter’s screen can toggle between a waiting for responses view and the result view. Participants are presented with the options 1-5 and can lock one in, similar to Trivia/Poll. The result view displays the audience’s selections and an average score. The Presenter can reset the activity and/or export the results to file.

I was able to reuse the participant components already in use with the Trivia/Poll features, so only needed to implement the Presenter view and the reducers. It took a bit of time to refactor some of the existing reducers for sharing and all up the change took about three hours. I still feel this is too long for a somewhat simple activity and I can possibly reduce this time by finding a way to reduce the plumbing code needed by dynamically building RootState and RootReducer.

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